Revenge of the Fallen: Gate to the Underworld — Sia and Hu, Eternal Companions

Hello again! It’s me, patpot, here with another content post about the Gate to the Underworld. Since showing off Ra, the Sun God, we’ve been making steady progress, and we’re excited to show you the next area of the dungeon: the Fire Lakes.

The Fire Lakes is the first stop on your journey through the Duat. Surrounded by molten lava and unfortunate souls, this scalding area is home to Sia and Hu, two more of the dungeon’s bosses. I’ll let you take a look for yourself.

hot hot hot hot!

Well then, that was pretty hot.

The demo video shows a lot, so we don’t have too much to add. As with many of our gameplay preview posts, we’ll highlight a few areas that we think are particularly exciting.

it’s kinda hot in here…

On your way to the portal:

you’ll make your way through the hardened lava, and reach the portal…

By the portal:

ok no bias this is cool. come on

There’s really not much more to say—we think the gameplay speaks for itself. Quaximi and BQ worked exceptionally hard on the visuals for this dungeon, so send them your love! We’re thrilled with how much it pops.

the big reveal

That’s all from me. Keys!

We’re trying something different this time: Skilly made a very advanced anti-bot key giveaway system. This image is your gateway to a key.

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Revenge of the Fallen: Gate to the Underworld — Ra, the Sun God

Hey all! patpot here with another content blog post! This time, we’ll be showcasing a boss fight from a Hard-rank dungeon we’ve been working on: the Gate to the Underworld.

In this dungeon, you’ll travel through our interpretation of the Egyptian afterlife. Battle mini-bosses and Gods, and help Osiris realize his plan to save the Duat from falling into chaos. After months of work on the whole dungeon, we’re excited to show off this small section of the Gate to the Underworld.

Before exploring the afterlife, you’ll have to defeat Ra. To show the power of the Sun God, I’ve chosen a few highlights from the team’s first playthrough. Take a look!

The fight starts off with a manic bullet hell. Destroy Ra’s staves or you’ll find the rest of the phases rather difficult to handle (they might not have been too difficult to destroy without health scaling, oops).

Ra channels the power of the sun. Here’s a clip of Miniguy maneuvering around him (or possibly trying to aggro everything to kill me. Hard to say which).

Despite Ra’s innate firepower, he can be overwhelmed. When challenged, he calls upon the sky.

Ra’s Sun Disk attack (shown below) isn’t particularly threatening, but it does demonstrate how we reward precise movement in RotF. We’ve reworked the hitbox system to behave more like some beloved bullet hells, so dodging feels super smooth. We’ll definitely talk more about this soon, but for now, check out this clip!

Ra’s Sun Lasers were not originally part of this fight, but their omission caused Quaximi to screech. You don’t want Quax to screech (trust me, you don’t), so here they are!

Once Ra’s dead, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a ride to through the rest of the dungeon… Except for the fact that the post ends here.

When the time is right, the Duat boat will take you beyond the Sun Docks.

Thanks for reading as always! I hope you enjoyed this content teaser.

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1. Flip an M upside down.

2. The first character of the type of creature that guarded the Icy Peaks in legacy RotF that players would fight in the realm.

3. (4 characters) Aztec without the t.

4. The first letter of the name of the staff member who is present in all of the gifs except the last one. (because he died 😦 )

1. (2 characters) Abbreviation for High Definition.

2. The number of non-RotF related hints from these 3 keys (not counting this one).

3. The first letter of the name of the dungeon shown in this blog post.

4. 3×3

Revenge of the Fallen: Dragons, Midgame Content, More!

Welcome everyone! It is me, Quaximi, here with yet another blog post. This time, I’ll show some teasers of a content category that was entirely unfinished for the first phase of closed testingthe medium biomes.

For those that need a quick refresher, all of the dungeons/biomes in RotF (I’ll call them worlds from now on) are divided by difficulty. For closed testing, we were able to include six Easy-rank worlds, and four Hard-rank worlds. There are many more worlds in development for all difficulty ranks, but medium content has been absent for a while. It’s time to change that!

we’ll talk about these more, soon tm

patpot covered our plans for the title’s of some Medium-rank worlds live Q&A session we held back in Octoberall of which are inspired by content from legacy. In case you didn’t catch the Q&A, with Medium-rank worlds, we’ll see a return of the four elemental dragons, the Tomb of Decaying Death (ToDD), and the Reptilian God.

We’ll look at two specific medium biomes today: the Flaming Hearth and the Riverside Refuge. For now, we’re showing concept art only, but it should give you guys an idea of where these areas are headed (and perhaps a bit of insight into how content gets developed here).

The Flaming Hearth

The Flaming Hearth comes from the one-and-only hotheaded dragon from legacy, the Firebreather, who serves as its lord.

concept for the Flaming Hearth biome environment

In the realm, you might come across this rocky wasteland, filled with patches of fiery grass, and scalding hot lava lakes. You’ll traverse these scorching plains in hopes of finding the Firebreather’s denall while fighting against feisty creatures and hazards. Will you fight speedy salamanders, armored armadillos, firespitting flowers, or tumbleweeds that are… on fire? Yes.

concepts for the various enemies and hazards you’ll encounter in the Flaming Hearth biome, as well as the Firebreather

Once you’ve dealt with the Firebreather, you’ll find yourself venturing down below into the dungeon in hopes of reaching the titular Hearth.

The Riverside Refuge

Cooling off a bit: The Riverborn (the aqua dragon from legacy), serves as the Lord of the Riverside Refuge.

concept for the Riverside Refuge biome environment

In the realm, you might find this dense swamp, where you’ll navigate around large, mossy boulders, and humongous trees. Making your way through the marsh, you’ll undoubtedly run into a variety of swamp inhabitants—whether it’s the mossy crawlers, or giant swamp frogs — before finding the Riverborn.

concepts for the various enemies and hazards you’ll encounter in the Riverside Refuge biome, as well as the Riverborn

Once the Riverborn is defeated, a passage will open up, allowing you to delve deeper into the swamp’s thick forests. You’re bound to run into some swampy trouble…

But wait… there’s more!

Of course, these are only two of the six medium biomes currently in our pipeline. Alongside Flaming Hearth and Riverside Refuge, you will also come across the following:

  • Collapsed Woods — where you’ll encounter the dormant Treesmasher.
  • Shrouded Sanctum – where you’ll reveal the secrets hidden by the Shadowscale.
  • Tomb of Decaying Death – where you’ll find yourself fighting against the Tombstone Carrier for the titular tomb.
  • Sacrificial Grounds – where you’ll be avoiding the Devoted Shaman’s reptilian hunters from sacrificing you to a certain reptilian god.
in order: Collapsed Woods, Shrouded Sanctum, Tomb of Decaying Death and Sacrificial Grounds

As always, everything in this post is WIP and will most likely undergo some changes, but for now, that’s all we’re showing. If you have any feedback, feel free to share it with us. We’re always happy to listen—and stay tuned for more updates to come!

Thank you for reading, and as always, check the post in 10 minutes for a chance to grab a key. I will now quack off… but I’ll see you all again in Egypt. 😉

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Thanks for sticking with us! ❤

Revenge of the Fallen: The Vault and the Fruit Stand

Welcome everyone! It is me, Quaximi, here with another blog post. Today, I’m bringing you an overview of the new Vault, a rather important part of RotF’s core game, which was missing during our first phase of closed testing.

chests, chests, chests, chests…

Vaults are back!

The Vault has been revamped to match the theme (and lore) of the new Nexus. In terms of function, however, it has remained mostly unchanged. As with legacy, you’ll have a limited number of storage slots available (up to 84 Vault chests, at the moment), which you’ll unlock over time.

good loot in there 😉

Gift chests no longer occupy a permanent space in the Vault. They are gone (reduced to atoms). Instead, whenever you get a giftwhether it’s from the market or another sourcea chest will appear near the spawn of the vault. Notably, receiving gifts will no longer require you to re-join the world!

In addition to the chests, I want to highlight two other points of interest in the new Vault: the Fruit Stand and the Practice Grounds.

The Practice Grounds

The Practice Grounds are essentially a small testing area where you’ll be able to quickly switch between builds, and test them without needing to continuously move between worlds.


The Practice Grounds currently includes a Practice Dummy and a Runic Orb. The Practice Dummy is meant to allow you to quickly test DPS and build efficacy, though he doesn’t display stats (yet). And the Runic Orb will provide quick access to the Rune/Skill Tree. The scope of the Practice Grounds will grow as we finish more of our planned progression systems (like the subclass system/class skill trees), but this is a fine start!

The Fruit Stand

If you played during our first closed testing period (or watched others play), you may have noticed that there’s a new way to max your character: stat fruit! As a result, the Potion Storage is closing down shop (since we no longer have stat potions), and we’re opening the Fruit Stand for business.

in order: Health Strawberry, Mana Blueberry, Attack Blackberry, Defense Coconut, Speed Kiwi, Dexterity Pepper, Vitality Pomegranate, Wisdom Elderberry, Haste Orange

The Fruit Stand is at the bottom of the map, just below the spawning area. There you’ll meet the Vaultkeeper, Cherry. Talk to her, and you can retrieve (and munch on) the fruit you’ve collected over your various adventures in the realm.

🙂 all of these fruits were collected in a legit manner 🙂

Admittedly, the Fruit Stand and the Potion Storage are functionally identical, so we won’t restate what we’ve already shown with respect to function. But unlike the legacy Potion Storage, which was represented by a single sprite, the Fruit Stand fills up visually as you collect more fruit.

As always, everything in this post is WIP and will most likely undergo some changes, but for now that’s all we have to show. If you have any feedback, feel free to share it with us. We’re always happy to listen—and stay tuned for more updates to come!

Thank you for reading, and as always, check the post in 10 minutes for a chance to grab a key. I will now quack off. 🙂

Closed Testing Keys


  1. The first letter of the stat that Pomegranates grant on consumption.
  2. The first letter of the name of the Vaultkeeper NPC.
  3. The first letter of the consumables that grant stats (not potions).
  4. The first letter of the stat that Yellow Peppers grant on consumption.


  1. The last letter of the alphabet.
  2. The first letter of the world type that holds all of the biomes in rotf.
  3. The first letter of the green colored rune type.
  4. The first letter of the stat that Elderberries grant on consumption.


  1. The letter of the vitamin that you might get from consuming a Haste Orange.
  2. The first letter of the fruit that grants speed on consumption.
  3. The first letter of the fruit that grants vitality on consumption.
  4. we’re out of ideas. it’s W

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Revenge of the Fallen: Masterwork Runes, the New Nexus

Hey all! Today, we’ll show an overview of the Nexus, which was finally revealed during Closed Testing, and then we’ll walk you through some of the work we’ve been doing on Masterwork Runes.

sorry for literal static mic. i’ll have a real setup soon, promise!

The Nexus has dedicated areas for the:

  • Market (Manny)
  • Runemaster (Nero)
  • Guild Liaison (Luther)
  • Alchemist (Minerva)
  • Blacksmith (Alastair)
  • Stylist (Amir)

But for now, let’s focus on the Nero, the Runemaster.

this old man still knows a few tricks.

In a previous post, we talked about the new Skill Tree system, so check that out if you haven’t already. When we released that post, the last component that we needed to finalize was the function of Masterwork Runes.

Here’s what we’ve worked out since then: Masterwork Runes are unlockable runes that are equipped to a specific rune slot (much like Rune Cores, which reside on the innermost ring). Masterwork Runes should cause more meaningful changes in playstyle than the simple stat nodes surrounding them.

While the video demonstrates some of these Masterwork Runes pretty well, here’s another in-game sample that we think looks cool.

above: Astral Thorns (Arcane), Mirror’s Edge (Chrysalis), and Shatter Strike (Impact).

There’s still a lot to do before this system is ready. While the Nexus is fairly far along in development, Masterwork Runes are still highly work in progress.

And by “highly work in progress,” we mean that nearly everything is an experiment: most of the Cores and Masterwork Runes, for example, will likely switch places. Runes that have as high of a mechanical impact as Astral Thorns should clearly be Rune Cores, while complementary runes, like Perfectionist, should clearly be Masterwork Runes. But differentiating between Masterworks and Cores won’t be a priority until we’ve built enough runes that every class can find variety in their builds.

Mike and I have been trying to build things that feel satisfying to play. For now, that means they’re really unbalanced. They’re also missing sprites. But as with the last Skill Tree post, I still hope that this gives some insight around our intended direction with these systems.

it’s balanced!

The work is ongoing. Hang in there!

More keys! We’re skipping trivia this time, but we’re still doing some random fuzzing to make sure that bots don’t snatch up these keys. As always, good luck!

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Thanks for sticking with us! ❤

Revenge of the Fallen: March Roadmap

Hey all! We’ve been working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes. There’s still plenty to do, but we hope to be able to share more details about what we’re working on in the coming weeks.

Until then, we figured it might be nice to give you guys an idea of precisely where our time is being spent. So let’s look at our tentative March Development Roadmap.

hey, where are the dates?

As we’ve said many times, RotF still has a lot missing. We have design docs for a total of six Easy Rank, six Medium Rank, and six Hard Rank dungeons. Out of those docs, only two (2!) of the six Hard Rank dungeons were available during Closed Testing (along with the Easy Rank dungeons, which have been done for a while). Our immediate focus is on finishing the rest of the planned biomes and dungeons, because many of our other pending tasks (such as exciting loot drops and effects) depend on those boss fights and pieces of content. You might also notice that the roadmap is… rather vague about specific deadlines or dates for each deliverable task. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, many of these tasks are worked on asynchronously. While Mike and I work on the graph logic for the new Skill Trees, Quaximi may be working on the 3D assets for a new area, and Patrick may be working on the scripting for a boss fight. We all have individual, target completion dates, but we sometimes need to pull resources from each other to finish off a specific task.

Secondly, it is notoriously hard for game studios to anticipate how long some tasks will take. This is especially problematic when trying to solve engineering issues (as opposed to gameplay or design issues) that may not have been solved before. Luckily, this month’s plotted tasks don’t involve much new tech, but we try not to put pressure on ourselves to deliver something before it’s ready, and publicizing specific task deadlines directly opposes that goal.

trello boards leaked!!!

It’s also worth noting that some of these tasks have already been started, and thus may take more (or less) time than you might think. “Hard Rank Dungeon I” has essentially all of its mechanics done (thank you patpot), and is just waiting on the actual production process, while “Hard Rank Dungeon II” requires less production work than the first. The tech for Masterwork and Core Runes was finished a few weeks ago, so the Rune tasks just involve creating a very large number of Runes that use that aforementioned tech.

Anyhoo. Our Discord chat has been re-opened in the wake of the first testing phase, so if you left it before, now is a great time to come back! Come hang out with us @ 🙂

We’ll put some keys up here soon. Thanks for reading!

The characters within these keys have all been shifted +1 (A -> B, B -> C, Z -> A, 1 -> 2, 3 -> 4, 9 -> 0). You’ll need to shift each character -1 to get the real keys!

Ciphered Keys:

  • P3Y8-4SRI-6CY0-Y9R0

Shift the keys back, then use at Good luck!

Revenge of the Fallen: Closed Testing First Impressions

Hey, look! It’s another Saturday post. The first phase of Closed Testing has begun, and we’re really happy with how things are going. As we mentioned in the announcement post, this first CT phase was meant to be an experiment for us to see how server stability holds up. Yes, we’d also be using data and feedback from CT to inform content, balance, and gameplay decisions, but we mostly wanted to understand how the server might break under load, and look for fixes early on. I’m going to sprinkle this post with fun CT clips from the community so that I can show their first impressions, and I’ll also share some of my initial thoughts.

oh, it’s already open! let’s– SLAM

RotF is still early on in development. From our roadmaps, I’d put us at around 35% complete—and the reason for this has to do with how development is split up. In our eyes, there are several different sections where we can make progress each day: tech (stability), content, game systems, and balance.

The difficult thing about building a multiplayer game is that the last three sections (content, game systems, balance) all very much rely on the first section (stability!) in order to function. We wanted to build out our tech, and we wanted to do it well. Once we had tech that we thought was pretty good, we started working on some early content and game systems development—dungeons like the Magician’s Hideout, Soul Harvest, and Asgard, along with an early iteration of the skill tree system, are products of that work.

But before we worked on any more content or game systems, we needed to make sure that the foundational stuff (the boring stability stuff) was working properly. Thus, Closed Testing began on the 24th, and we began to collect a lot of data about stability.

you had it… YOU HAD IT PETEY

Being honest, the results far exceeded our expectations. We found one (1!!!) projectile desync, identified the cause, and fixed it. We’ve found one (1!!!) cause of server lag, and identified some possible solutions, which we’ll deploy soon. The server has otherwise had no problem handling the load. This is really good news for us.

there’s no joke here. honestly, it’s so cool to see people learning the fights we’ve been working on.

But this doesn’t mean we’re done. This means that the foundation works, and now, we need to work on everything else. The plan is to have six easy dungeons, six medium dungeons, and six hard dungeons, complete the class + subclass system, the realm system, the skill tree + runes…

So hang in there. We’ve been reading all of the feedback, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of the criticism is around things that simply aren’t done. This is actually a good thing. The criticism isn’t about oversights, it’s about missing features—many of which were already on our backlog. If you thought that CT was a good first showing, great! But if not, that’s okay. We’ve got a lot more to do before we’re satisfied, and I’ll bet that by the time we’re done, we’ll have something that you’ll like, too.

Thanks for everything, guys. Have some keys.

  6. 5OMS-9V8P-V4QT-R8H2

Revenge of the Fallen – Closed Testing: Start!

Hey all! The end of the month is fast approaching, and, yes—that means CT is starting. When, you ask? The first phase of Closed Testing begins on Wednesday, February 24th. So let’s talk about what that means.

stolen from inspired by osu’s patcher.

We’ve been working on this for nearly two years now, and this is the first time we’re going to get to throw some of what we’ve been doing at you guys. Closed Testing is an opportunity for us to get an initial feel for stability, balance, and game “feel” (more or less in that order). MMOs don’t truly get tested until they’ve experienced scale, and this will be rotf2’s first exposure to a concurrent playercount over ten.

What I’m trying to say is, I expect things to blow up. Hard. But I also think that we have a good team, a good community, and a (very eager) group of Closed Testers to help us fix everything. We’re committed to making something that we ourselves want to play, and we expect to be doing a lot more before we reach that goal.

made in the source engine

For the initial round of CT, the plan is to run an intense, 2-3 day server stability test, with real players. During this time, we’ll be monitoring everything that works (and everything that doesn’t), and pushing out rapid fixes and improvements as things come up. We’re currently looking to test the easy, early-game content, so we’re setting up the playable realms and dungeons accordingly.

As we’ve mentioned (like, a lot), despite how long we’ve been working on this, rotf is still very early on in its development. MMOs take a long time to build. While the default assumption should be that nothing you see during CT is final, I’d like to specifically point out that these features are incomplete or missing entirely:

  • General balance (can’t balance effectively until players join)
  • Stat/skill trees (masterwork nodes not done)
  • Rune choices (only a few implemented atm)
  • Tutorial (completely missing)
  • Progression explanation (what is “easy/medium/hard,” what does HST do, etc)
  • Enchanting (not ready yet)
  • Realms (missing of a LOT of polish)
  • Classes (bare minimum for CT is enabled, but the Subclass tree + many class abilities are not ready yet)
  • Item storage (a barebones “vault” system is implemented but not available)

I could go on, but at some point, we have to put our pencils down, and see how things look. We’re both nervous and ecstatic to see what people think of this early-stage preview of rotf2.

For those of you that don’t have a CT key, hang in there! We’ll be funneling more players in as long as stability looks promising. For those of you that DO have a CT key, you’ll get an email from us (using your sign-up email) on the 24th, with information on how to download, play, and provide feedback.

We’ll update this post with a key in 15 minutes. If stability is good, we’ll also begin distributing keys to content creators, so if that’s your thing, keep an eye out (spamming our DMs is not a great way to get a key).

Anyhoo. This should be fun.

Closed Testing key: MW[1]Z-T[2]9V-QS[3]2-O[4]YV

[1] The first letter of the name of a once-proud spear-man in legacy rotf.
[2] The first letter of the name of the boss that dropped a primal Soul Bottle.
[3] The first letter of the alternate name for the Market. The “_ _ _ _ _ _ _” House
[4] The first letter of the name of the water-based dragon event in legacy rotf.

Revenge of the Fallen: Runes + the NEW Skill Tree

Hey all! This is a sort of “backstage” post about the new Rune + Skill Tree system in rotf2. We started designing components of this system back in September, but this is the first time we’ve had something in-game that we can show off.

some of the early concept designs for the new skill tree.

After talking to a lot of players about which design they preferred, one thing that we heard consistently was that the stat preview in design #2 should definitely be in whichever iteration we decide to use. With that in mind, we started building out the skill tree’s layout in the editor.

it’s… alive…? dear god

So, yikes. But that was (obviously) just a first attempt at figuring out where everything should be positionednot how everything should look. Making the lines appear at the correct positions, even, was a challenge…


But we got there eventually.

we did it we did it we did it we did it

We’re pretty proud of how it’s going, and how well we were able to follow our original design goals, but we ‘re definitely not done with this thing. Some things to note:

  • Runes slots now have names! Arcane (blue), Chrysalis (green), Impact (orange), and Adaptive (clear).
  • The Overview tab on the right allows you to live-preview your build as you develop it. The All Stats button will give you a more detailed overview (including things like primal effects on items, and reactive effects from runes), but we’re still working on that.
  • Masterwork nodes literally don’t do anything yet. We’re still figuring out how we want to keep the choices thematically exciting (i.e. matching their core rune), without taking away too much variety from the build system. Their sprites are also completely placeholder (lol).
  • You might have noticed a mini-node for Hastethis is a cdr-like stat that should be relevant for some classes, since many abilities now have cooldowns (as opposed to just mana costs).
  • Runes don’t have tooltips yet, but they will. The UI in general is still WIP.
  • The sword and shield in the video are not actually UT. The tier system from legacy won’t be returning as-was, and we haven’t had a chance to finish implementing the new system yet.
  • what’s this new area we’re standing in o_O

We’re hoping that the new skill tree system will continue to encourage players to seek out diverse builds and playstyles. We think it’s going to be pretty sick, especially when combined with the Class Tree (more on that some other time).

For now, another Closed Testing key! Use at

(Post will be updated in 15 minutes with the key to give you time to read the post. EDIT: Here it is!)

Closed Testing key: [1]V2E-[2]TXR-O0[3]U-X[4]NO

[1] The first letter of the blue rune in legacy rotf that gave increased loot chance for rare drops, but prevented you from looting any other items.
[2] The first letter of the stat in legacy rotf, scaling with speed, that gave you a % chance to dodge an incoming attack.
[3] The first letter of the boss of the legacy rotf Showcase dungeon.
[4] The first letter of the realm event in legacy rotf that threw playing cards everywhere.

Revenge of the Fallen: Loki & Hela, Asgard Dungeon Preview continued

Hello everybody! It is I, patpot, here once again to brief you all on what we’ve been working on. Last week, the team took on the first two bosses of the Asgard dungeon. For those who missed, it I highly recommend checking it out.

While the All-father himself won’t be making his debut in this post, we’re excited to show you some gameplay of the team taking on two of his children, Loki and Hela.

part 2 electri- wait, no, Thor was in the first video

So, that’s Loki and Hela. Some things to point out from the video:

  • Miniguy can’t dod-. For paycheck reasons I cannot finish that sentence

But more seriously:

  • As you might have noticed from our last few updates, we’re really trying to up our visual game. We’ve picked up some lighting tricks, many of which are on display in the Helheim (Hela) segment. Quaximi and MrFoucs went pretty hard.
  • While the numbers on everything are still placeholder, we have now completed a “first pass” of all four root classes and their abilities. We’re hoping to say more about them soon, but for now, you can watch the video and speculate.
  • Placeholder (but functional) death UI has been added. Being the responsible developer that I am, I died in the video to test it out. We have a lot of plans for permadeath in RotF, but this will work for now.
  • The 3D terrain and architecture throughout this dungeon looks great, but there are a few times where it can occlude your vision—particularly noticeable during Thor’s fight from last week. This will be fixed, and we appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us about the issue.
  • We’re still polishing Loki’s arena, which has a few unintended safe spots (notably, if you’re like Miniguy, you can literally just walk out of the pit when you fail to dodge). This issue will be fixed before release. We expect design issues like these to show up periodically in more subtle ways, so keep giving us feedback!

Here are some snippets from the video that we’re especially proud of.

Making your way to Hela:

it’s glowing…

During the Loki fight:

little lokis love lasers!

Fighting Hela: (good luck)

holy hel…

For those interested in joining us for Closed Testing, this post will be updated in 15 minutes time with a fun trivia game. As per usual, solve it first, and you’ll have yourself a key!

Also, since this post is a bit late, we’ll throw a second key up tomorrow. Thank you very much for reading.

Now, the third and final key for this post! (use at
There’s been a lot of trivia going around, so to spice things up, I hid the missing letters in the two images on this post. Each letter is numbered, if you look really closely. I’m sure you can piece it together. Fill in the key as usual, and enjoy the hunt!

Here’s the promised second key! (use at

[1] The first letter of the name of the testing period RotF is planned to enter this month
[2] The first letter of the type of previews the last two blog posts have been
[3A, 3B] The time span closed testing was originally meant to release in (2 characters)
[4] The first letter of the name of the senior designer in charge of all our 3d work

First key: (use at


[1] The first letter of the name of the Underworld in Norse mythology.
[2] The first letter of the name of the Allfather mentioned at the beginning of this post.
[3] The first letter of the name of the god of mischief.
[4] The first letter of the name of the legacy RotF Necropolis item that gave invisible, damaging, berserk, speedy, and darkness (not including the word “the”). The *_ _ _ of Twilight