Revenge of the Fallen: The Darkest Depths

Welcome, everyone, to yet another post! Today I, Quaximi, will take you deep underwater, where we’ll explore our darkest hard-rank dungeons to date: the Darkest Depths.

The Darkest Depths is a series of spiraling, gloomy caverns. Covered in coral, inhabited by all sorts of fish, and completely submerged in water—before we dive into this hard-rank dungeon, let’s all take a deep, deep breath…

maybe not dark enough…

Introducing breathing: the oxygen mechanic!

As you might expect from an underwater dungeon, you have a limited oxygen supply in Darkest Depths. Running out of oxygen will cause you to take suffocation damage until you refresh air supply. In new RotF, running out of oxygen will not kill you, but it can still take your health into the red.

Even though suffocation damage won’t kill you directly (the damage stops at around 15% health), navigating a dungeon swimming with enemies while low on health is pretty rough, so make sure you manage your air carefully!

With a full breath of oxygen in our lungs, we are finally ready to dive into the dungeon!

The Hidden Cavern

In Darkest Depths’ first area, you’ll spawn in a randomly chosen rocky tunnel—one of the eight interconnected tunnels in the dungeon. Each tunnel is filled with some kind of a challenge! Crawl through tight spaces, find air pockets, avoid inky bad guys, fight watery predators, and more.

If you manage to survive your tunnel, you’ll reach the Eye of the Monstrosity, the boss of the Hidden Cavern section of the dungeon. I won’t go into much detail regarding the fight. All eye’ll say is: check out the playthrough of the the Hidden Cavern below:

As always, everything in this post is WIP and will most likely undergo some changes, but for now, that’s all we’re showing. If you have any feedback, feel free to share it with us. We’re always happy to listen—and stay tuned for more updates to come!

Thank you for reading, and get ready for Skilly’s CT key puzzle in 15 minutes!

Edit: Here’s the link to Skilly’s key puzzle. Use at Good luck!

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