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Welcome everyone! It is me, Quaximi, here with yet another blog post. This time, I’ll show some teasers of a content category that was entirely unfinished for the first phase of closed testingthe medium biomes.

For those that need a quick refresher, all of the dungeons/biomes in RotF (I’ll call them worlds from now on) are divided by difficulty. For closed testing, we were able to include six Easy-rank worlds, and four Hard-rank worlds. There are many more worlds in development for all difficulty ranks, but medium content has been absent for a while. It’s time to change that!

we’ll talk about these more, soon tm

patpot covered our plans for the title’s of some Medium-rank worlds live Q&A session we held back in Octoberall of which are inspired by content from legacy. In case you didn’t catch the Q&A, with Medium-rank worlds, we’ll see a return of the four elemental dragons, the Tomb of Decaying Death (ToDD), and the Reptilian God.

We’ll look at two specific medium biomes today: the Flaming Hearth and the Riverside Refuge. For now, we’re showing concept art only, but it should give you guys an idea of where these areas are headed (and perhaps a bit of insight into how content gets developed here).

The Flaming Hearth

The Flaming Hearth comes from the one-and-only hotheaded dragon from legacy, the Firebreather, who serves as its lord.

concept for the Flaming Hearth biome environment

In the realm, you might come across this rocky wasteland, filled with patches of fiery grass, and scalding hot lava lakes. You’ll traverse these scorching plains in hopes of finding the Firebreather’s denall while fighting against feisty creatures and hazards. Will you fight speedy salamanders, armored armadillos, firespitting flowers, or tumbleweeds that are… on fire? Yes.

concepts for the various enemies and hazards you’ll encounter in the Flaming Hearth biome, as well as the Firebreather

Once you’ve dealt with the Firebreather, you’ll find yourself venturing down below into the dungeon in hopes of reaching the titular Hearth.

The Riverside Refuge

Cooling off a bit: The Riverborn (the aqua dragon from legacy), serves as the Lord of the Riverside Refuge.

concept for the Riverside Refuge biome environment

In the realm, you might find this dense swamp, where you’ll navigate around large, mossy boulders, and humongous trees. Making your way through the marsh, you’ll undoubtedly run into a variety of swamp inhabitants—whether it’s the mossy crawlers, or giant swamp frogs — before finding the Riverborn.

concepts for the various enemies and hazards you’ll encounter in the Riverside Refuge biome, as well as the Riverborn

Once the Riverborn is defeated, a passage will open up, allowing you to delve deeper into the swamp’s thick forests. You’re bound to run into some swampy trouble…

But wait… there’s more!

Of course, these are only two of the six medium biomes currently in our pipeline. Alongside Flaming Hearth and Riverside Refuge, you will also come across the following:

  • Collapsed Woods — where you’ll encounter the dormant Treesmasher.
  • Shrouded Sanctum – where you’ll reveal the secrets hidden by the Shadowscale.
  • Tomb of Decaying Death – where you’ll find yourself fighting against the Tombstone Carrier for the titular tomb.
  • Sacrificial Grounds – where you’ll be avoiding the Devoted Shaman’s reptilian hunters from sacrificing you to a certain reptilian god.
in order: Collapsed Woods, Shrouded Sanctum, Tomb of Decaying Death and Sacrificial Grounds

As always, everything in this post is WIP and will most likely undergo some changes, but for now, that’s all we’re showing. If you have any feedback, feel free to share it with us. We’re always happy to listen—and stay tuned for more updates to come!

Thank you for reading, and as always, check the post in 10 minutes for a chance to grab a key. I will now quack off… but I’ll see you all again in Egypt. 😉

The keys! No trivia this time around and as always, good luck!

  • B[1]KF-TU[2]R-ZK[3]K-WXO[4]
    1. Replace with Z
    2. Replace with 9
    3. Replace with V
    4. Replace with L
  • C4[1]L-NM[2]L-KQ[3]V-RJ[4]Q
    1. Replace with 8
    2. Replace with J
    3. Replace with C
    4. Replace with G
  • KUA[1]-Z[2]P2-[3]L1Z-[4]UWD
    1. Replace with V
    2. Replace with F
    3. Replace with O
    4. Replace with G

Thanks for sticking with us! ❤

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