Revenge of the Fallen: FIRING LAZ0RS!

Hey everyone! Today, we’re taking a look at a mechanic that we’ve been incrementally improving for new Revenge of the Fallen—lasers!

ima fiiiriing my lazoooooooor

You may have seen these lasers in the previews for Asgard, Gate to the Underworld and/or Darkest Depths. When I first implemented the mechanic, I had been imagining lasers that would be used as traps—meaning that they would come from static objects, slowly moving across the world. With that in mind, patpot decided to use lasers directly in boss fights, so we wound up with horrid-looking stuff like this.

So, yikes. That’s not what we wanted. These lasers were built to do burn damage over time, but they were actually being used as piercing, long range, instant-hit damage sources. To fix this, we looked at some lasers from games that we love, and re-built our lasers to be both mechanically rewarding AND visually pleasing (since the gifs above were neither of those things).

ty for the assist, enter the gungeon and archvale 🙂

These lasers are going to allow us to build fights that require precise movement and mastery of shot patterns, so we’re thrilled that we’ve found an implementation that feels good to play around. That’s all that we want to show for today, but stay tuned—we’ve got some pretty big news coming up soon!

CT keys in 15 minutes. See you then! Edit: Here are the keys—bot-proofed! Use at

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