Revenge of the Fallen: CT2 and the Future

Hello everyone! We’ve got a couple of announcements to make today. First of all, the next Closed Testing phase (CT2) begins next week on Saturday, June 12th. Apparently, this isn’t a surprise to many of you.

But that’s not actually our big announcement. As development moves forward—and as the game leaves behind its fangame origins—the game’s identity has evolved, and we’re re-branding to reflect that.

what? Revenge of the Fallen is evolving…

We are now Beneath the Nexus, and you can find us @ We’re incredibly excited about this change, and the doors that it opens for both our team and the game. We’re actively pursuing a number of distribution platforms (Steam is our highest priority, currently), and establishing our multiplayer bullet hell as a standalone product will help us move forward.

This rebrand represents how different Beneath the Nexus is from legacy Revenge of the Fallen. It also represents our evolution as a team. But don’t misunderstand: we’re still dedicated to building the best pixel-art, multiplayer bullet hell, ever. When CT2 starts on the 12th, you’ll get to see a little bit more of what we’ve been working on, but there’s still a lot to do. Keep sending us feedback, and we’ll keep iterating until we’ve fulfilled our mission.

This announcement (CT2 and the new name) is something that the team has been working on for months. Please show everyone some love—they’ve earned it!

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