Beneath the Nexus: Closed Testing 2 Begins!

Hey all! This devlog is a quickie. Closed Testing is up! A lot has changed since the last testing phase, so I’ll copy over the Patch Notes from our Discord. If you aren’t already there, stop in and say hi @!


  • Completely rework Realms so that content is grouped by difficulty
  • Massively adjust the strength of Basic Items to make space for Runes/Skill Tree
  • Stat Fruit drops are now common (even in Easy/Medium biomes)
  • New accounts start with four character slots so that they can play one of each root class
  • Began work on Legendary and Primal items, and the role they should play in routine gameplay


  • Darkest Depths (Hard rank) dungeon
  • Gate to the Underworld (Hard rank) dungeon – 40% done but playable
  • Collapsed Woods (Medium rank) biome – 30% done but playable
  • Shrouded Sanctum (Medium rank) biome – 30% done but playable
  • Riverside Refuge (Medium rank) biome – 30% done but playable
  • Tomb of Decaying Death (Medium rank) biome – 30% done but playable
  • Sacrificial Grounds (Medium rank) biome – 30% done but playable
  • Flaming Hearth (Medium rank) biome – 25% done but playable
  • A LOT of Heroic, Legendary, and Primal items

Gameplay Systems

  • Lasers now signal their attacks and fulfill their intended role in boss fights
  • Shielding (HP buffer) on players, used in some items and effects
  • Oxygen/air bubble system (used in Darkest Depths)
  • Legendary effect system (more info below)
  • Primal effect system, (more info below)
  • Runes – Cores and Masterworks (more info below)
  • Defense damage mitigation now capped at 90%
  • Fruit Stand to store excess stat Fruit
  • Vault system to store items between characters

Runes and Skill Tree

  • Skill Tree system (as previewed in devlog) now available. Equip Rune Cores to unlock Masterwork slots, and equip Masterworks to use skill points (gained per level)
  • Skill Tree stats are now based on Fruit stats
  • Added a LOT of Core Runes (Glass Cannon, Mana Hunger, Adrenaline Rush, Soul Siphon… and many more)
  • Added a LOT of Masterwork Runes (Celestial Drift, Perfectionist, Inner Peace, Magic Buildup… and many more)
  • 30+ Runes to collect

Legendary Items

  • Legendary items drop with a randomly selected Legendary Effect
  • Effects include:
    • Final Stand (90% done)
    • Angel’s Touch (50% done)
    • Lion’s Shout (10% done)
    • Nexus Blessing (90% done)
    • Setback (75% done)
    • Retaliation (90% done)
  • Added a LOT of legendary items (Absolute Authority, Phantom’s Bane, The Amalgamate, Gjallarhorn, Aegis of War, Anubis’s Ankh, Optic Occlusion, Aegishjalmarr, Asgardian Aegis, Sagacity… 50+ items)

Primal Items

  • Primal effect system written to support completely insane effects
  • Added a LOT of primal items (Sun’s Devastation, Draupner, Absolute Authority, The Encephalon, Hela’s Power, Hel’s Massacre, Cursed Heart… 20+ items)


  • Completely broke the HUD in preparation for something new.
  • We eventually want the HUD to take up less screen real-estate, so parts of the HUD are now toggle-able (alpha).


  • Lighting system completely overhauled (will work better once HUD is fixed)
  • Lasers are now pretty, and more clearly signal/communicate what they are going to do
  • Updated in-game branding


  • Asgard music in Midgard, the Observatory/Bifrost, and Loki
  • Nexus music polished with higher quality instruments

Technical Systems

  • New stat prediction system that allows client lag to be smoothly reconciled with the server
  • Rework sprite rendering, fixes frame-rate issues in certain object-dense areas (Asgard Thor fight, Gate to the Underworld Fire Lakes)
  • Proper interserver messaging
  • Loot Notifier and Death Notifier (wip)


  • Make empty biome bug occur less frequently (still occurs though)
  • Fix runes completely breaking Attack scaling
  • Fix desync caused by treating all projectiles as Abilities
  • Fix issue with invisible tiles in Realms
  • Fix miscellaneous issues, and make new issues

Check back here in 15 minutes—we’ll be dropping some keys! We’re still fixing things, but as things stabilize, we’ll likely give away a lot more testing keys. Until then, thank you so much for reading our devlogs. We’re getting there!

Edit: Here are the keys!

Use at Good luck!

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