Revenge of the Fallen: The Riverborn (Riverside Refuge Preview)

Hi all! I’m Foucs, the designer guilty of spriting Asgard, the Gelatinous Palace, and a bunch of other stuff. Weekly devlogs are a pain joy for the team to write, and it looks like I’ll be your host for today. In this blog post, we’ll show off the Riverside Refuge biome, inspired by the original Riverborn event from legacy RotF.

welcome to the refuge.

The Refuge biome itself is a thick swamp, filled with frogs, tree bugs, and other ⭐ m a g i c ⭐ inhabitants. Everybody knows that frogs are a staple of good biome design. More frogs means better game (obviously). Take a look at these friendly froggy foes:

them jump

Now, I know what you’re thinking: those frogs will be really lonely without some friends. We agree, imaginary reader! While navigating the marshes, you might stumble upon a fascinating creature, an impostor (āļž) of sorts. These are the River Striders and Lurkers, also known as the Living Brushes.

Next up, the River Serpent, aka Flying Snake Boyo. His bubbles are tricky, so watch your toes.

What else might you find in a magical swamp? The giant water-dragon-snake-beast with a hunger for humans, of course! For the first time since legacy, meet the Riverborn, Lord of the Refuge.

what a beauty

Like other Lords in RotF, to challenge the Riverborn, players will explore the realm, and search for his home waters. This Lord has some tricks up his sleeves (…wings?), so approach cautiously! While you’re slowly wading through the water, the Riverborn unleashes torrents of wind.

him spinnnnnnn

In addition to spawning watery disasters at will, the Riverborn possesses another innate skill: diving. Watch as he plunges underwater, stalks players while submerged, before popping back up (and popping your health bar too).

him dive

In this section, I’m supposed to talk about what I worked on in more detail, but I’m sort of already out of ideas. So… let’s plug socials! BQ and I both stream on twitch (at and respectively). Come on over, and tell us why the frog to regular enemy ratio should be 1:0. We’ll agree.

We’re excited to show more stuff from the Medium-rank areas, so keep your eyes peeled! As always, we’ll update this post in 15 minutes with some CT keys. Lastly, a big shoutout to the RotF community for staying chill and supportive. You guys rock. And the most important thing: this post has a frog rating of two 🐸

We’ve got another CT key puzzle, brought to you by Skilly. Check it out here.

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