Chat and other cool things

We’ve now fully implemented in the base of chatting (sending and receiving messages), as well as added teleporting via the minimap!

In addition to that, we’ve done some smaller things to help with the performance of the client, as well as doing some mobile build tests, which came back very positive handling 60FPS with no troubles.

Here’s a video that goes along with today’s update:

Thank you for following up with us, and as always, stay tuned for more updates!

Cool progress!

We’ve made plenty of SWEET progress on our Unity port over the last 2 days.

More so, we have implemented a better, multipurpose shader, that allows us to handle glow colours, outline colours and tile sinking dynamically (presented in the video with water/lava sinking, and player/portal glows/outlines)!

We’ve added a character selection screen (it doesn’t look too great right now, but it works).

In addition to that, we’ve made some improvements to our in-game GUI (though keep in mind, it is still not final). With that, we have also added inventory swapping (the previous spoiler was just images, now we can actually drag the icons around to switch the items (containers next?!)).

Condition effects (and their icon displayers) are now added too (most important ones are functioning in the client already).

We’ve also made some optimizations, doubling our client FPS, and fixed plenty of small bugs that are not really worth mentioning.

Thank you for following us, and stay tuned for more progress updates!

Unity Client Performance Demonstration

crazy framerate!

This will be our last update for the day. A lot of progress being made in a pretty short time span! The above video puts the client under a lot more stress than it will ever endure during normal gameplay, and it handles perfectly.

Worth noting:

  • Recording software reduces framerate
  • Demo was run on a mid-range computer (i5-6500, NVidia GPU from 2015)
  • The inventory UI is completely placeholder and will NOT be used as is. It’s just there for testing.

Thanks for following our updates 🙂

Hello, World!

Welcome to! We’re ACED Games, and we’re hoping to use this blog to keep you guys up to date with what we’re up to.

Currently, our only publicly available game is Revenge of the Fallen, playable at Our goal is to bring the user-client to modern standards by porting it to Unity. As we make more progress, expect updates to be posted here 🙂

And when we finally move forward with some of our other projects, you’ll hear about it here too. Thank you!