Revenge of the Fallen-trading, enchantment testing, /tell

Miniguy here again–small progress update! We finished writing the trading system, and wrote some commands to test the limits of the enchantment/item data system.

We also got /tell working, which doesn’t sound like much, but there’s a bit going on behind the scenes that makes it an important milestone. When we return, we’re hoping to run two servers–one in NA, and one in EU–so getting cross-server communication working has been on the to-do list for a while.

Being able to /tell a player, regardless of which server they’re on, is exciting for us (even though it’s boring!) since it also marks the completion of some cross-server backend stuff.

Below is a video showing some of this stuff. I enchanted a tome to have a larger aoe, traded the tome to patpot, got it back, then made fun of him with /tell. The UI for trading is NOT final–but it works for now!

if you’re interested, you can see more enchantment magic here:

As promised, each of our blog posts will end with a closed testing key, which can be used at

Closed testing key: 07DP-DZVS-8HXU-OLYW

Thanks for sticking with us!

Revenge of the Fallen: The Realm Gameplay Preview

Hey! At the end of the month of June, we uploaded a quick preview of our vision for the new realms in Revenge of the Fallen. We’d discussed our plans loosely during a Q&A session, but it was the first time we’ve shown gameplay of it publicly.

Most of you guys have already seen it, but to be clear, the video does NOT represent a finished product–not even remotely. We’re getting closer to closed testing, so we wanted to show where we were at + what we’ve been working on so that y’all could get excited. We didn’t do a good enough job communicating that “close to testing” did NOT mean “close to a finished product.” Oops.

I’ll be linking the video below so that anyone who hasn’t seen it can do so, but, just to address some common questions/concerns:

  • The biome areas that are seen in the video are placeholder. We intend to fully populate each biome with thematic minions, decorative objects, etc.
  • Dungeons and keys are still core features of the game. The lords of the biomes are meant to drop the portals to their respective dungeons.
  • Since these biomes were placeholder, most of the lords were just the bosses from their dungeons, but that’s not a permanent thing! Each dungeon in the game is meant to have a unique biome, tileset, minionset, and a lord to match it in the Realm.
  • More work will be done to make the transitions between each biome feel natural.
  • Each class is meant to have a unique Defensive ability. The two that are shown in the video, deflection + ghosting, will not be used as-is. The Defensive resource bar will also not be used as-is. We know how overpowered those abilities are in the video. They were just there for testing.
  • There will be several different world bosses–not just the one seen in the video.
  • The world boss featured in the video will have several more phases, and will be more challenging.
  • “Beta keys” are now being called “closed testing keys” to more accurately reflect development state.
Happy pride. Black lives matter.

From now on, each blog post will include a closed testing key, which can be used at Each key is one-time use, so keep your eyes peeled. If you redeem a key successfully, once testing begins, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the testing client and play.


More to come, soon. Thanks for sticking with us.

ACED Games: RotF when?

Hi all. I’m Miniguy of ACED Games/Revenge of the Fallen. This blog’s been pretty silent recently, which is probably no surprise to some of you. Let’s talk about why we’ve been silent, and what’s going on with RotF.

First, in case you missed it: RotF was originally conceived as a private server for the multiplayer bullet hell Realm of the Mad God, one of many distinct versions of the game run by fans like us. But unlike those many other versions, we had a large, active playerbase, a decent amount of replayable content, and a skill system that rewarded player creativity. In other words: we made something good.

Unfortunately, for the first time in RotMG private server history, we were too good. We had been trying to negotiate a deal where we’d be able to run RotF with a license to the (shrinking amount of) RotMG content we were using. Although early talks seemed very promising, our rep at RotMG went silent suddenly for nearly a month. Then, in a complete 180, the RotMG developers decided that we were a threat to their business, and issued us a DMCA takedown request. We were forced to close down everything, cold turkey. They weren’t necessarily wrong to do this–after all, we were using their assets–but it left us in an awkward spot. More importantly, it left YOU guys in an awkward spot! Where the heck is the game?

I wish I could give you guys some concrete dates for a release, or some specific information on some of the crazy content that we have planned. Naturally, I can’t do any of that–we don’t want to promise anything we can’t deliver. This is the honest reason for the radio silence.

That said, I’ve been working on a complete revamp of our server/netcode since August. As of yesterday, I’m proud to say that I’ve essentially achieved that goal (there’s always more work to be done, but we now have a solid foundation). As a result, we’ve got the core team–myself, Skilly, Mike, and Quaximi–all working on code, mechanics, and general design for all that crazy stuff I mentioned earlier. I know it seems like we’re attempting an insurmountable task, but I promise that we’ll come back sooner than you might expect, with a loot-based, multiplayer bullet hell game that we hope will be genre-defining. Don’t miss it.

Thank you guys so much for the support. It means everything to see our community remain active, especially in our #premium chat on Discord–y’all are crazy.


Don’t you guys have dyes?

Hello! We are happy to present you with yet another progress update of our Unity port for RotF. Plenty of things have been done since the last post, and we are getting closer and closer to private staff testing (which will then follow up with public testing)!

On with the changelog:


  • Map loading screen
  • Item tooltips
  • Text tooltips (which the Minimap and Nexus/Options tooltips use)
  • Quest arrow/tooltip (heavily WIP still)
  • Dyes (only colours, no patterns, we have some plans for this that will be discussed later on)
  • Flashing effect for entities (e.g. the Spaceship now flashes when you go nearby or use a command)
  • Tile animation (waving and flowing effects added)
  • Tiles can now push the player around (e.g. the sprite world tiles)
  • Deleting characters
  • Buying new character slots
  • Loading overlay when requests to the server are being made, preventing the player from interacting with any other GUI elements while waiting for the response
  • Toggle opaque players

Fixes/smaller additions

  • Significant optimizations to the main game shader
  • Significant optimization to projectiles and condition effect icons
  • Significant optimizations to chat and the minimap
  • Inventory slots now turn red when the item is not usable by the current class
  • Abilities now work with HP cost based items
  • Proper key configuration implemented (now just needs GUI)
  • Dynamic zoom with CTRL + Scroll now syncs with FPS/delta
  • Enitity boxes on the minimap now clip to edges

Today’s video (I tried something new to make it not so boring, enjoy! And of course, not everything in the changelog is included in the video!):

Long time no see!

We are back with a new progress update of our Unity RotF port!

We have mainly focused on GUI work since the last update, so no real gameplay changes (except for dynamic zoom, which is demonstrated in the video in this post).

Of course, keep in mind that GUI is still being worked on, and still being improved, we aim to release the client with the layout you’re all familiar with, and then as time goes, most probably introduce our own one, which can be used as an alternative option.

On with the update, we have added in the following features to our client:

  • Dynamic Camera Zoom (CTRL + Scroll or -/+ on keyboard)
  • Tabs (inventory, stats and backpack)
  • Account info display (fame, credits, stars and guild)
  • Entirely new login screen
  • Entirely new character selection screen
  • Class selection screen
  • Skin selection screen
  • Character creation
  • Potion holders/tabs
  • Camera off-center
  • Actually centered the camera on the player character
  • Inventory slot numbers and item shadows
  • All GUI now uses .SVG/Vector graphics, meaning it looks nice and sharp whatever resolution you play on!
  • Interaction panel has been added (e.g. portals)
  • Party panel has been added (where you see locked players and what not)
  • Real loading screen (not shown in the video)
  • Remotely loaded XMLs
  • Remotely loaded Sprite Sheets
  • Merged the whole game into one Unity scene to allow us for instant switching between menus (e.g. from character selection to class selection and back). This also comes with a lot of memory optimization.
  • Many other things…

And along the way, many little things have been reworked or revamped to work better or in an easier way, and as per usual, many small bug fixes.

Here’s a video to go with today’s post, sorry for it being a 7 minute video:

Plenty of progress!

We’ve added a few things to our Unity client, which include:

  • Ground/tile damage
  • AOE nades (e.g. Medusa)
  • Abilities (most are fully functioning)
  • Heavy optimizations to our particle system (alongside many of the missing particle effects being added)
  • A lot more condition effects are now fully functioning
  • Condition effect text displays when damaged (e.g. Slowed!)
  • Started implementing in simple vector graphics based GUI (visible by the ugly gray inventory slots, will be changed later to look pretty). Of course, take the current GUI layout for granted as it will likely be changing, we will most probably be allowing people to create their own layouts too, so stay tuned for that!

These things were quite a hassle to add due to the fact that there are much more fun things we could do (e.g. proper GUI work (class screens etc), or player particle effects), however now that they are done (except for the fact that some abilities still need their particle effects implemented), we can once again focus on things that are more interesting to us, but also more interesting to you, so expect better progress updates soon!

Here’s a video that goes with today’s post:

Thanks for following our progress, and as always, stay tuned for future updates! 🙂


We’ve now added particles to our Unity port, and some of them are already working as you would expect. I have also done a little stress test (400 fountains) at the end of the video, and that’s pretty much it, enjoy, and thanks for catching up with our progress. 🙂

Status bars, SFX, and more!

This update has some cool new additions, which involve status bars (XP, Fame, HP, MP) and sound effects, like seen in the video.

In addition to that, there have been HUGE optimizations made to our client, nullifing the high memory usage we had before with new entity rendering, while heavily improving our FPS, once again, doubling it.

We have also taken time to improve our inventory handling, and it feels a lot smoother now!

I’ve also conducted a few tests on a very old system (J4005 dual core processor, 4GB ram, no GPU), and we can hit 70-80 FPS in crowded areas (Nexus), while easily hitting 150+ in more empty areas, like the Realm (and up to 280 in VERY empty areas, like the beach). Values based on 800×600 resolution, they are half that in 1920×1080.

Here’s the video for today’s post:

Thank you for catching up with us, and as per usual, stay tuned for future updates. 🙂

Purple bags, white bags, vault chests, you name it!

one bag, two bag, red bag, blue bag.

Hey guys! This is an update showcasing inventory and bag functionality for the Unity client. The UI is still highly work-in-progress, but you can now:

  • Drop items from your inventory
  • Pick up items from a bag
  • Swap items in/out of a vault chest
  • Double click items in your inventory to equip them
  • Double click items in a bag to loot them

It may not seem like much, but with this update, almost every part of the game is playable. Earlier today, I went through a Necrop run on the live server. “Twitch” died (rip 5/8 lol), but it otherwise went well. Don’t get too excited, though: we still have a lot of work to do!

While we’ve got you, here are some other improvements we made:

  • Optimizations relating to chat
  • Optimizations relating to inventory UI
  • Changed movement interpolation to be less “icy”

As always, thanks for following our progress. Things are looking good!

Chat and other cool things

We’ve now fully implemented in the base of chatting (sending and receiving messages), as well as added teleporting via the minimap!

In addition to that, we’ve done some smaller things to help with the performance of the client, as well as doing some mobile build tests, which came back very positive handling 60FPS with no troubles.

Here’s a video that goes along with today’s update:

Thank you for following up with us, and as always, stay tuned for more updates!