Long time no see!

We are back with a new progress update of our Unity RotF port!

We have mainly focused on GUI work since the last update, so no real gameplay changes (except for dynamic zoom, which is demonstrated in the video in this post).

Of course, keep in mind that GUI is still being worked on, and still being improved, we aim to release the client with the layout you’re all familiar with, and then as time goes, most probably introduce our own one, which can be used as an alternative option.

On with the update, we have added in the following features to our client:

  • Dynamic Camera Zoom (CTRL + Scroll or -/+ on keyboard)
  • Tabs (inventory, stats and backpack)
  • Account info display (fame, credits, stars and guild)
  • Entirely new login screen
  • Entirely new character selection screen
  • Class selection screen
  • Skin selection screen
  • Character creation
  • Potion holders/tabs
  • Camera off-center
  • Actually centered the camera on the player character
  • Inventory slot numbers and item shadows
  • All GUI now uses .SVG/Vector graphics, meaning it looks nice and sharp whatever resolution you play on!
  • Interaction panel has been added (e.g. portals)
  • Party panel has been added (where you see locked players and what not)
  • Real loading screen (not shown in the video)
  • Remotely loaded XMLs
  • Remotely loaded Sprite Sheets
  • Merged the whole game into one Unity scene to allow us for instant switching between menus (e.g. from character selection to class selection and back). This also comes with a lot of memory optimization.
  • Many other things…

And along the way, many little things have been reworked or revamped to work better or in an easier way, and as per usual, many small bug fixes.

Here’s a video to go with today’s post, sorry for it being a 7 minute video:

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