Don’t you guys have dyes?

Hello! We are happy to present you with yet another progress update of our Unity port for RotF. Plenty of things have been done since the last post, and we are getting closer and closer to private staff testing (which will then follow up with public testing)!

On with the changelog:


  • Map loading screen
  • Item tooltips
  • Text tooltips (which the Minimap and Nexus/Options tooltips use)
  • Quest arrow/tooltip (heavily WIP still)
  • Dyes (only colours, no patterns, we have some plans for this that will be discussed later on)
  • Flashing effect for entities (e.g. the Spaceship now flashes when you go nearby or use a command)
  • Tile animation (waving and flowing effects added)
  • Tiles can now push the player around (e.g. the sprite world tiles)
  • Deleting characters
  • Buying new character slots
  • Loading overlay when requests to the server are being made, preventing the player from interacting with any other GUI elements while waiting for the response
  • Toggle opaque players

Fixes/smaller additions

  • Significant optimizations to the main game shader
  • Significant optimization to projectiles and condition effect icons
  • Significant optimizations to chat and the minimap
  • Inventory slots now turn red when the item is not usable by the current class
  • Abilities now work with HP cost based items
  • Proper key configuration implemented (now just needs GUI)
  • Dynamic zoom with CTRL + Scroll now syncs with FPS/delta
  • Enitity boxes on the minimap now clip to edges

Today’s video (I tried something new to make it not so boring, enjoy! And of course, not everything in the changelog is included in the video!):

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