Plenty of progress!

We’ve added a few things to our Unity client, which include:

  • Ground/tile damage
  • AOE nades (e.g. Medusa)
  • Abilities (most are fully functioning)
  • Heavy optimizations to our particle system (alongside many of the missing particle effects being added)
  • A lot more condition effects are now fully functioning
  • Condition effect text displays when damaged (e.g. Slowed!)
  • Started implementing in simple vector graphics based GUI (visible by the ugly gray inventory slots, will be changed later to look pretty). Of course, take the current GUI layout for granted as it will likely be changing, we will most probably be allowing people to create their own layouts too, so stay tuned for that!

These things were quite a hassle to add due to the fact that there are much more fun things we could do (e.g. proper GUI work (class screens etc), or player particle effects), however now that they are done (except for the fact that some abilities still need their particle effects implemented), we can once again focus on things that are more interesting to us, but also more interesting to you, so expect better progress updates soon!

Here’s a video that goes with today’s post:

Thanks for following our progress, and as always, stay tuned for future updates! 🙂

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