Revenge of the Fallen: Masterwork Runes, the New Nexus

Hey all! Today, we’ll show an overview of the Nexus, which was finally revealed during Closed Testing, and then we’ll walk you through some of the work we’ve been doing on Masterwork Runes.

sorry for literal static mic. i’ll have a real setup soon, promise!

The Nexus has dedicated areas for the:

  • Market (Manny)
  • Runemaster (Nero)
  • Guild Liaison (Luther)
  • Alchemist (Minerva)
  • Blacksmith (Alastair)
  • Stylist (Amir)

But for now, let’s focus on the Nero, the Runemaster.

this old man still knows a few tricks.

In a previous post, we talked about the new Skill Tree system, so check that out if you haven’t already. When we released that post, the last component that we needed to finalize was the function of Masterwork Runes.

Here’s what we’ve worked out since then: Masterwork Runes are unlockable runes that are equipped to a specific rune slot (much like Rune Cores, which reside on the innermost ring). Masterwork Runes should cause more meaningful changes in playstyle than the simple stat nodes surrounding them.

While the video demonstrates some of these Masterwork Runes pretty well, here’s another in-game sample that we think looks cool.

above: Astral Thorns (Arcane), Mirror’s Edge (Chrysalis), and Shatter Strike (Impact).

There’s still a lot to do before this system is ready. While the Nexus is fairly far along in development, Masterwork Runes are still highly work in progress.

And by “highly work in progress,” we mean that nearly everything is an experiment: most of the Cores and Masterwork Runes, for example, will likely switch places. Runes that have as high of a mechanical impact as Astral Thorns should clearly be Rune Cores, while complementary runes, like Perfectionist, should clearly be Masterwork Runes. But differentiating between Masterworks and Cores won’t be a priority until we’ve built enough runes that every class can find variety in their builds.

Mike and I have been trying to build things that feel satisfying to play. For now, that means they’re really unbalanced. They’re also missing sprites. But as with the last Skill Tree post, I still hope that this gives some insight around our intended direction with these systems.

it’s balanced!

The work is ongoing. Hang in there!

More keys! We’re skipping trivia this time, but we’re still doing some random fuzzing to make sure that bots don’t snatch up these keys. As always, good luck!

  • JV[1]X-HFJ[2]-VM[3]7-AI[4]G
    1. Replace with Q
    2. Replace with X
    3. Replace with B
    4. Replace with 4
  • HV[1]V-TS[2]U-9B[3]W-P[4]8M
    1. Replace with D
    2. Replace with S
    3. Replace with 0
    4. Replace with Z
  • 1L[1]L-M[2]JM-[3]4IM-[4]RR3
    1. Replace with X
    2. Replace with B
    3. Replace with Y
    4. Replace with X

Thanks for sticking with us! ❤

Revenge of the Fallen: Runes + the NEW Skill Tree

Hey all! This is a sort of “backstage” post about the new Rune + Skill Tree system in rotf2. We started designing components of this system back in September, but this is the first time we’ve had something in-game that we can show off.

some of the early concept designs for the new skill tree.

After talking to a lot of players about which design they preferred, one thing that we heard consistently was that the stat preview in design #2 should definitely be in whichever iteration we decide to use. With that in mind, we started building out the skill tree’s layout in the editor.

it’s… alive…? dear god

So, yikes. But that was (obviously) just a first attempt at figuring out where everything should be positionednot how everything should look. Making the lines appear at the correct positions, even, was a challenge…


But we got there eventually.

we did it we did it we did it we did it

We’re pretty proud of how it’s going, and how well we were able to follow our original design goals, but we ‘re definitely not done with this thing. Some things to note:

  • Runes slots now have names! Arcane (blue), Chrysalis (green), Impact (orange), and Adaptive (clear).
  • The Overview tab on the right allows you to live-preview your build as you develop it. The All Stats button will give you a more detailed overview (including things like primal effects on items, and reactive effects from runes), but we’re still working on that.
  • Masterwork nodes literally don’t do anything yet. We’re still figuring out how we want to keep the choices thematically exciting (i.e. matching their core rune), without taking away too much variety from the build system. Their sprites are also completely placeholder (lol).
  • You might have noticed a mini-node for Hastethis is a cdr-like stat that should be relevant for some classes, since many abilities now have cooldowns (as opposed to just mana costs).
  • Runes don’t have tooltips yet, but they will. The UI in general is still WIP.
  • The sword and shield in the video are not actually UT. The tier system from legacy won’t be returning as-was, and we haven’t had a chance to finish implementing the new system yet.
  • what’s this new area we’re standing in o_O

We’re hoping that the new skill tree system will continue to encourage players to seek out diverse builds and playstyles. We think it’s going to be pretty sick, especially when combined with the Class Tree (more on that some other time).

For now, another Closed Testing key! Use at

(Post will be updated in 15 minutes with the key to give you time to read the post. EDIT: Here it is!)

Closed Testing key: [1]V2E-[2]TXR-O0[3]U-X[4]NO

[1] The first letter of the blue rune in legacy rotf that gave increased loot chance for rare drops, but prevented you from looting any other items.
[2] The first letter of the stat in legacy rotf, scaling with speed, that gave you a % chance to dodge an incoming attack.
[3] The first letter of the boss of the legacy rotf Showcase dungeon.
[4] The first letter of the realm event in legacy rotf that threw playing cards everywhere.